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Document all your teams job photos to save your butt and get organized. Be a pro with every photo, video, chat, and project in one app for construction and the trades.

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In 2020 I was pissed off
You see, I had just helped remodel a house and subcontractors were blaming eachother and me for damages and delays. 

BOOM, I got hit with a bill for overages/backcharges for another subcontractors mistake outside of my control and influence.

And I get it. Sh*t happens. But if some other subcontractor takes a dump why should we have to wipe? Well, I don't think we shouldn’t.

To make things worse, my camera roll was a mess with job photos. My text messages with my crew were worse. If i wanted to find that photo from my nieces birthday 2 months ago? Not happening.

Let alone finding that one job photo I took that can prove I what I did and didn't do. My team's phones were the same.

Their camera roll was clogged with work photos on their personal phone. One of them quits and I have no way to get that job photo.

Plus, the girlfriend doesn't enjoy me scrolling on an open camera roll on a jobsite to find an old job photo... if you can read between the lines and you're picking up what I'm putting down.

I was making work way harder than it needed to be. I was pissing in the wind and wondering why I was wet.

Why live life on hard mode? 

AND that’s when I decided it was time to change.

I was tired of loosing money and good will with other contractors/customers for things I didn't do. Tired of a messy camera roll, tired of miscommunication, and tired of my crew not knowing what was needed.

So, I started taking photos of  my teams work/projects, AND stored them one place. Then I started drawing on the photos to show what was needed. Then I added a task/to do list for each project in there.

Guess what? It worked great (I know, imagine that).

No finger pointing when something happens (because something eventually does) AND it cleared up me and my crews personal camera roll and texts.

Pretty soon, my subcontractor and other friends started asking for it. Now, I had to give "it" a name. I called it CrewCam. They loved it. So I made it a product anyone can use.

Now, I am starting to rample. But you get it. So if you or a friend is even in a remotely similar situation or are interested in saving time, money or having peace of mind then you should download and try CrewCam. You have nothing to lose, its free to try out. Take it for a test drive.

Get all your job photos/videos in one spot so you can save your butt on potential liabilities, keep your work in one spot, and communicate with your team.

Go ahead and click any of the buttons (above or below this text) on this screen to get started.

We're in the app stores as Crewcam (the pretty green one). Please reach out with any questions.  I hope crew cam will help your business like its helped mine.

xoxo with love, sweat, and happy tears
CrewCam ring leader

Hear it from our customers

Peace of mind
“Crew cam has changed my life and saved my butt. I keep my work photos seperate from my personal ones now and can have documention of what i've done. ”
John Carter
Owner at Carter Construction
+10 hours save
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Lacey evans
CEO at Consulting
87% done in week
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Jonson Brek
CEO at Consulting
87% done in week
“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur and adipis  elit neque vivamus adipiscing of send feugiat turpen viverra faucibus about feature consequat augue of the is box from today an best in class development
Jonson Brek
CEO at Consulting
Happy customers
Saved on costs
Photos stored+
Your Must have CrewCam Features

Store and track job photos and progress in one spot

Date Timestamped Photos & Videos
Save all your job photo and videos in one spot to never worry about scrolling on your phone to find them again. They're even date/timestamped and saved by project for easy organization.
Organize Your Business
Instantly find any job photo or video.

Create projects, tag photos, label projects, and assign tasks by project.

So when the time is right, you can instantly find that job info you need.
Communicate and Manage your Team
Never worry about missing important info again. You can assign tasks by job and have your team upload photos of progress in real time. Add comments directly in the app so all team members can see them.
Store all your work photos in one place
Download CrewCam app in IOS or Google Play store.
Create Account & Invite Your Team
Create an account in 30 seconds and invite team members to join with one link! Now your team can upload photo videos to CrewCam and specific jobs.
Stay organized and have peace of mind
With all your job photos and info in one spot, you can clear up your personal devices and have peace of mind knowing you can always find the info you need. Get your team onboarded to ensure you capture all job photos add don't lose photos to your teams personal phones.
See all variables in one place
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Execute smoothly and quickly
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Always hit your deadlines
We started WhenThen with a simple question – what if a transaction could trigger anything and anything could trigger a transaction?

CrewCam makes work easier

Never waste time rummaging through random photos and apps again. All your work is easily stored for you in one spot.
Build custom end-to-end support an workflows
Automate support from customers an contact to closing the ticket.
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Build custom end-to-end support an workflows
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Why people use CrewCam

Document, Organize, and Keep Teams Accountable

Avoid liability by being organized with job photos date and time stamped, organized by job, and keeping your team accountable
Visually Document what you did and didn't do
Visually document with photo/video jobsite so you can avoid blame for damanges and communicate with your team and customers.
Improve your teams and permissions
Get organized with photos stored by job and by person. Add different permissions to fit your business.
Peace of Mind

All your Job Content in ONE Place

Make scattered job photos and documention a thing of the past. Random email photos and personal phone cameras make it hard to be organized and cover your butt. Use CrewCam to declutter your employees phone's and heads. Sleep a little better at night knowing all your job documentation is in one spot and you can find any photo at any time.
How Crewcam works

Start using CrewCam in 3 steps

All you need to do to get the benefits of CrewCam. Download and create and account, invite your team, and start uploading content. You could be using it in 30 seconds from now. Give it a try.
Step 1
Download CrewCam App and Create Account
Download CrewCam on IOS or Android store, and create an account. It takes less than 30 seconds.
Step 2
Invite your team
Invite your team with the invite link in app and start creating projects.
Step 3
Take Photos, Communicate and See Progress Real Time
Now you can take or upload photos/videos to your projects in CrewCam, message your team, and, most important, sleep a little better at night knowing your organized and have all your job content in one spot.

If you don't thank us, we think maybe your team or spouse will :) 

Frequently asked questions you may be wondering

Some things we find people want to know
So, How does it work?
By downloading the crewcam app and creating an account, you can take and store you work/jobsite photos, have them date timestamped, stored by project. If you have a team, this lets you communicate with your team visually and manage your work from anywhere. You can invite any team members to join the app after you create an account so they can take and upload photos to projects.
Does it work for Apple and Android?
Sure does! We made CrewCam so that it will for work anyone or any crew member, regardless of what phone they use in the field.
Does CrewCam use my phone's storage/memory?
Nope, all photos taken in crew cam are stored securely in the cloud. Whats that mean? Well, that your phones cameral roll and storage aren't used. Of course, you can download photos/content from the app anytime if you'd like.
What devices do you support?
Good news, CrewCam works on Apple and Android phones and has been used across all phone/screen types. Give it a go and see for yourself.
So why try crewcam vs my phones photos?
Well, you can use your phone. But, besides date timestamps, easily organizing your photos by job, if you use your phone your camera roll gets messy (we know, we've been there). If your crew member quits, those photos of your business walk with them.

Plus, in the event something happens on the job and you're faced with backcharges, overages, or god forbid a lawsuit, because you have all the job photo/comment documentation organized, your future self will thank you.

If that doesn't get you going, allowing your spouse to more easily find your personal photos might.
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